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The Flying Kittens

This is a site dedicated to the amazing flying kittens of the world!!

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Flying Kittens Are Awesome!! So here is mine:

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1 Flying Kittens Are Awesome!! So here is mine: on Mon Sep 21, 2015 3:14 pm

Hey there, I'm new!!! Here is my character:

Name: Splash
Age: In human years: 12
Style of Wings: Dragon
Family: Mom is named Pearl and Dad is named Racer
Cat Breed: Blue-gray tabby with amber eyes
Home: The river
Beliefs: That all flying cats should have equal rights
Powers: None
Personality: Curious, creative, If she went to school then she would have flunked second grade, adventurous, independent.

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Welcome, Splash!!!
Your sheet is ACCEPTED!
Thanks for joining The Flying Kittens.

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